Protect Yourself and Your Belongings this Holiday Season

I saw this sign at my subway station and would like to share it on my blog. Statistic shows that almost 2.5 Billions Smartphones have been stolen in 2011 alone. New York rated at #2. I personally saw this happen to a girl on the Q train recently. These guys were quick, they snatch and ran. Usually they are in groups and they target victims that are not alert. As we all know that Smartphone are very expensive and most of the time it’s part of our lives because we do so many things with them. We have all our personal information, contacts, pictures and memories that sometimes cannot be replaced. I would just like to share a few pointers with you that might help especially if you are in a crowded area.

– Do not leave your phones lying around carelessly if you are at a bar or restaurant
– Do not stand close to the doorway with your phone if you are in the train, this makes you and easy target for the snatcher and runner
– Do not put your phone in your back pocket if you are in a crowed area
– Always be aware of your environment, who is walking next to you or how close they are in vicinity

Please feel free to add any other pointers that will help my readers.


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